Utilizing a vast range of media including painting, sculpture, 3D modeling, video, photography, and printmaking, I explore the body as prosthesis and its relationship to gender, technology, and mortality. My multi-disciplinary installations engage with fractures between sensorial experiences of one’s environment and perceptions of constructed realities. Through my practice, I investigate biological imagery, digital media, and historically rich art materials as territories for my own symbolic code that reference cybernetic systems of control. In my Tank Sculptures and Tank Paintings depicting basic forms, bolts and bones are suspended in reconstituted gel. The bones and hardware symbolize sexless, non-human phalluses or occupiers, and orifices or voids. When propped upright and illuminated, the encapsulated arrangements of occult-like imagery and symmetry are projected on the wall, and allude to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and psychedelic light shows. These self-contained environments, installed with my 3D model videos and flora terrarium sculptures, suggest a narrative of civilization rising from the ashes after The Fall. Both a rehashed version of the Biblical creation myth and an apocalyptic prophesy, they play into inescapable cultural tropes of the literary and art historical canon.

My series of etchings and paintings, entitled Time Collapse, derives its imagery from 3D scans of my anatomical sculptures. I utilize digital technology to extrapolate my humanoid forms, which I then translate into oil paintings and etchings. The 3D scanning process evokes a digitized version of naturalistic painting process. This allows me to reinterpret the scanned files as Techno-cubist oil paintings. 

Etching serves the hand-machine dichotomy due to the process necessitating a fusion between the technological and the organic. My etchings depict the visceral and the uncanny through the use of canonical printmaking techniques, while simultaneously exploring ideas of techno-futurism and engaging with our contemporary experience. The value in using an old medium like etching today is that it celebrates the human body’s fallibility and vibrancy through mechanical reproduction. The stark black backgrounds of my prints enclosed in sleek black frames, reference the aesthetics of digital screens – the black mirrors of our present age. In my intricate etchings, I employ minute detail to render a work that invites scrutiny. The intimate scale of the prints allows the viewer a sense of looking past the boundary of a screen into the infinite data pool of the digital beyond. In opposition to the proliferation of pixelated images that inundate our daily lives, I utilize the traditions of etching and oil painting to celebrate irregularities produced by the human hand. Exploring collective anxieties of the digital age, with a dose of science fiction, my work investigates how new technologies contribute to our collective encounter with the micro-macrocosmic nature of the universe in a way that brings us closer to its terms.